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Working inside client teams we deliver the services to enable you to do it right, right now


Our Services

Impact:LearningDurable Brand & Business BuildingBottling Your Magic

Our Practitioner-Coaches are trained, developed and supported to deliver our three unique services which help you to achieve durable prosperity.

Helping teams make strategic choices and take connected actions.
Removing the gap between learning and doing. 
Identifying, decoding and helping your people spread their winning ways of working. 

Our skills and services focus on rapid, individual interventions, sometimes connected up into long term projects or partnership programmes, all of them designed to deliver immediate business impact with learning that lasts.

Durable Brand & Business Building
Bottling Your Magic™

Durable Brand & Business Building

These are the critical decisions and co-ordinated actions which set your course towards durable prosperity and ensure you get there speedily and securely.

Working inside client teams, we create together a joined-up line of sight which delivers connected choices all the way from setting the vision and defining the business model to developing strategies and then deploying plans in market.

We find this approach inspires more robust choices and more actionable solutions. We see greater commitment to implement because they originate from within the team.

By diagnosing their current choices and understanding what they should be doing and why, client teams build confidence and are inspired and equipped for the future. They’re focused and stay on track.

Making Strategic Choices,

Taking Connected Actions

We can power your people to...

  • Define & cascade business & brand purpose

  • Create disruptive category & brand vision

  • Strengthen strategic and executional brand choices

  • Identify new sources of profitable growth

  • Plan roadmaps for brand development

  • Re-engineer business models

  • Prepare flawless launches

  • Create Purpose-led business and brand teams
  • Define meaningful positioning and propositions for all stakeholder groups
  • Build innovative connected business models
  • Plan powerful engagement for all stakeholders
  • Activate choices with excellence
  • Monitor, learn and modify
Durable Brand & Business Building

We help our clients press the pause button and 
glue together core choices before they execute

Chris Penrose, Practitioner-Coach, Prosper21


Impact:Learning™ is Prosper21’s evolved system of learning. In rapidly changing business and talent markets, traditional capability building isn’t enabling companies to be competitive enough, fast enough.

The key word is impact. The measure of success of Impact:Learning™ is whether it has delivered better business and people outcomes that last. It’s as simple as that. We create a single unified journey to achieve the business goal and build the team’s skills simultaneously.

It always starts with a real business issue that needs fixing and a natural work group which becomes the learning unit. We sit down with a business leader to understand their challenge and to plan together the business journey the team needs to go on to get to the right result.

Once that’s clear, we build in the integrated learning journey to make sure the team has the skills and the knowledge to generate the best quality answers.

Typical interventions in this unified journey might include workshops, informal working sessions and face to face or remote coaching for individuals or teams. Whatever’s needed to make sure that everyone is performing at the top of their game.

Removing the gap between

Learning and Doing

We can power your people to...

  • Transform business results

  • Make better decisions which last

  • Build high performance teams

  • Instil motivating learning which sticks

  • Deliver superior outcomes
    again and again

  • Transform business results through better decisions that will last
  • Develop and inspire high performance and greater commitment through a motivating learning environment
  • Equip high performance teams to deliver superior business outcomes again and again

Growth in training investments isn’t matched by
growth in business returnsImpact:Learning™ is addressing that discrepancy

Bob James, Practitioner-Coach, Prosper21

Bottling Your Magic™

There are pockets of excellence in all organisations - individuals, teams or divisions delivering fantastic results. But the magic is often hidden, not appreciated, not understood and not influencing wider business success, people’s behaviours or the company’s culture.

Prosper21 helps brands and businesses bottle their magic.

We search out the pockets of durable success and match them to the company’s prioritised business needs. We then work with those producing the magic to sift through what they did and its impact. The challenge is to decode what lies beneath the obvious. Mindsets, personal interactions and team cultures are as important as tools, techniques and processes. We distil the essence of their story, powering them to inspire others to excellence.

Next, we help create the conditions, conversations and materials to ensure these operational insights spread fast & become embedded in the DNA of the organisation. We equip people to become storytelling heroes, sparking new ways of working and motivating others.

This stuff isn’t academic. It can transform organisations from being unconsciously competent in pockets to consciously competent everywhere. It creates a continuous learning environment, benefiting everyone and constantly refreshing the unique capabilities and culture that keep your business winning over the long term.

Identifying, decoding and spreading

your winning ways of working

We can power your people to...

  • Multiply pockets of excellence

  • Become story-telling role-models

  • Overcome resistance to change

  • Foster fast learning

  • Secure your business IP

  • Strengthen a culture of belonging

  • Lead and inspire

  • Retain the best talent

  • Spot stars – identify those delivering durable success now
  • Decode and capture the magic
  • Spread the story to inspire the organization
Bottling Your Magic

It’s seeing the personal impact onpeople playing from strengthwho are seeing their ambitions fulfilled

Pauline Cakebread, founder, Prosper21

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